Controlling an Oven from the Phone: Convenience or Trend

With the new technologies that get introduced to us every day, there is a great range of different devices and appliances. Kitchenware is not an exception. In the last couple of years, the smart oven has become more and more popular. The ability to manage an oven using a phone attracts many customers. However, are there any disadvantages. Find out in the article.

Let’s start with advantages:

1.  You can turn on the oven without physically being near it. It can be very convenient in everyday life. For example, you can put the dish in the oven in advance, and while you are coming home, the dish will already be cooked. All you need to do is use your phone to turn it on from the distance. 

2.  You can always make sure if the oven is turned off. Each person had that terrifying situation when he or she wasn’t sure if the oven or stove was turned off. It can lead to serious consequences such as a fire. However, with a smart oven, it is no longer a problem: you can always check if the oven is working and turn it off. 

3.  You can set up all the modes and temperature via the phone. Sometimes, the control panel of an oven can be a bit complicated. Nevertheless, people report that using a phone for managing the oven is easy and quick.

4.  You will be able to save money on your energy bills. Unlike regular ovens, smart ones have very efficient energy systems that allow spending much less energy than usual. It may seem like a small factor, but it will be very visible in the long run. You will be both saving money and the environment. 

Disadvantages of Smart Ovens:

1.  They are expensive. Despite all the cool features, smart ovens are much more expensive than the regular ones. In this perspective, the question of the rentability of such an investment is very real.

2.  There have been some cases of serious malfunctions. For example, multiple people have reported that their smart oven from completely different brands turned on by themselves and heated up to 400 Fahrenheit. Naturally, it is a serious concern that potentially can lead to a fire. That is why this malfunction of different smart ovens requires attention. 

By taking this into consideration, a smart oven is a cool new technology that can be very useful and convenient in everyday life. There are both advantages and disadvantages mentioned in the article that you need to take into account before purchasing it.

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